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Dense Fear II Bloodline

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Dense Fear II  Bloodline Dense Fear II  Bloodline Dense Fear II  Bloodline Dense Fear II  Bloodline


Title :   Dense Fear II Bloodline
Upload by :   Tony Gardner
Author URL :   https://www.youtube.com/user/Angelmaker7



Dense Fear II Bloodline
Views: 1012213 Like: 2690 Dislike: 643
Duration: 1:21:2 Published: 7 years ago


Paul Johnson is a guy running for his life.
A year after surviving a werewolf attack, he now carries the burden of the bloodline and finds himself chased down and hunted by a team of Government based Specialists.

Dense Fear Bloodline is the follow up movie to the 2001 feature Dense Fear.
This movie took 5 years in the making on a very low budget and most of the main stars had never acted before.
Filmed with only a basic Holiday style dv handycam, and despite the lack in picture and sound quality, I have tried to capture a professional feel to this movie that will hopefully entertain and scare the audience.
Thank you :-)

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